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Trending simple and easy layered hairstyles and cuts for long hair women

Long hair is every girl’s dream since childhood as hairstyling has evolved a lot from before we have multiple options for hairstyles. If your hair is dense, long, and thick then any hairstyle would suit you. A person with long hair can rock any hairstyle and they are beautiful without even having to some effort into it. Whatever hairstyles might be there, trendy layered haircuts with bangs slide at the top for long hairs. For long hair, a layered haircut with amazing color combinations added will be mesmerizing to watch without having to try.

Long layers with eye-brow grazing bangs:

A long hair sliding through your shoulder or even more at length till your chest with multiple layers with full bangs added up till your brows. This look steals the showplace wherever you go. Especially, for thinner hair with less volume this look suits long and oval faces symmetrically.

Multi-layered mix:

This look creates a sleek and chic look for the person as with multiple layers of the cut being the secret ingredient. It goes well with black hair can have other colors too but black fits this style better. Mostly with mid-length layers it naturally adds beauty to hair with loose hair red, gold or purple colors will go well with this hairstyle.


No worries not only the above two hairstyles but still there are multiple long layered hair ideas to slit through the hair trends of 2021. There are different layered cuts like step, feather, U-cut, V-cut and added with bangs.

  • layered haircutMid-Back Brown U-Cut with Swoopy Layers
  • Short, Medium, and Long Layers
  • Straight and chic
  • Long V-cut layers
  • Long choppy shag with bangs
  • Feathered cut with razored bangs
  • Thick cut with face-framing layers
  • Subtle layers
  • Brunette hair with textured layers
  • Layered A-Silhouette cut

Likewise, there are several styles and the above are just a small bit.