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How to choose the perfect eyebrow shape for your face while and tips to work it?

Eyebrows have gained their space in the makeup and appearance sector over the past few years recently. That has gained a lot of attention and upgrades that require lifting our regular look as to just keep it short let’s jump into the ideas we need. If we go to a parlor and request them to choose the right eyebrow shape for you, they will choose based on the shape of your face. An eyebrow can uplift your appearance or create an illusion to make it appear different.

Eyebrow shape:

Unlike before where thin and sharp eyebrows are the trendy styles for everyone but now, we have multiple shapes for eyebrows from thin and thicker and broader shapes.

  1. face shapeStraight eyebrow
  2. Rounded eyebrow
  3. Soft-angled arch eyebrow
  4. Hard-angled arch eyebrow
  5. S-Shaped eyebrow

These are the types of eyebrow shapes available for different face shapes. Other than tweezing and threading the eyebrows to remove unwanted hair the shape of the eyebrow makes our appearance even more appealing. But if you are willing to have a natural look and it’s your choice of selection.

Face shape and eyebrows:

The shape of our face will determine the best eyebrow shape for you consistently that will match our face. A stylist will decide the shape of the eyebrow with the shape of your face and do you know the shape of your face if not let me tell you.

  1. Oval face shape
  2. Round face shape
  3. Long face shape
  4. Square face shape
  5. Heart face shape
  6. Diamond face shape
  7. Rectangle face shape
  8. Triangle face shape

Oval shape:

A wider forehead than the chin and high cheekbones with a face tapering narrow towards chin is an oval face. An eyebrow that suits oval shape is soft angles with a shallow arch.

Round shape:

It is fully wide as its length with a wide forehead and wider cheekbones for that a soft angled arch with lifted brows will make the face look lengthier than other eyebrow shapes.

Long shape and rectangle shape:

Both the face shapes are similar with having double-length than width of the face the only difference is the latter one has a defined jawline. It is better to have straight less arched to appear smaller. The same goes for a triangle shape.

Square and heart shape:

Both are different shapes but because of the broad forehead a high angled arch eyebrow suits this style. For a diamond shape S-shaped eyebrow do better.