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Five important Mascara tricks you wish you knew before start using them

Eyes are the key to our attractive look to make it look bolder and highlighted mascara works better. Do you know there are tricks that we could use while applying mascara to your charming look? Mascara is part of our regular look or maybe some people use them occasionally at happening moments. To make it even better follow mascara hacks that will make a noticeable difference in your attire.

Right choice of Mascara wand:

Right size of the mascara wand is important to improvise your eyes there are different wands like

  • mascara hacksClassic mascara wand
  • Curved comb mascara wand
  • Micro wand
  • Ball wand
  • Precision wand
  • Ball tip wand
  • Fat brush wand

There are 12 types of wands so choose the one that suits your eyes and the style you want. But the smaller brushes will do better as they would be able to reach the roots of your lashes. If your eyes are small go for a volumizing brush so that they look bigger and better.

Baby powder:

Use the baby powder in a small amount during your mascara process so that the mascara stays and sticks to your lashes for a longer time. We can use a small shadow brush to apply baby powder or can even try the translucent powder.

Healing balm:

You know there is a simple mascara trick you have to know from my side you can apply a few healing balms or jelly not much before applying mascara. Using this trick would make your eyelashes moisturized and make them easier to apply and let mascara spread evenly. Even a lip balm would be a handful in a needy situation.

Keep your mascara on line:

Your favorite mascara can get dry eventually so seal them tight let them stay in warm water for a while to set the smooth finish. Else can use few drops of olive oil and mix them well. Make sure to keep wands on point too. But if they are running out of date especially wand over three months better get a substitute for it.

Make eyelashes coat:

More than applying them at one time try having multiple coating for mascaras too which will be helpful in a hurry. Have a single coat when start getting ready then let it sit after it dries have a second coat when you are about to leave or on the way to your destination. If there is a need for the final coat then add it to the reach of the destination.