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Primary reasons that are reasonable for the dark circles under the eyes

We not only see the world with our eyes but the world watches our having such a beautiful but not fulfilling because of dark circles. We all know that dark circles under our eyes with eye bags will turn our look upside down. For a delicate and detailed person, their dark circles make them look dull, old, tired, and even give us an appearance of a patient.

There are a few common causes of dark circles under eyes which make the blood vessels under our eyes constrict and make the skin thin under the eyes. That is how a dark circle forms but the reasons might aware of them let’s check it out.

  • skin thin under the eyesPoor sleeping habits
  • Lack of iron deficiency
  • Anemia
  • Smoking/Alcohol
  • Age
  • Dehydration
  • Genetical problems
  • Allergies
  • Overpressure to eyes
  • Sun exposure
  • Thyroid
  • Medicines

Above are the most common reasons for dark circles in our eyes and also melanin might also be a reason in some cases.

Poor sleeping habits:

Sleeping habits are the key reasons for dark circles for both men and women as our body all our body and refresh us during our sleep. Manipulating that procedure results in under-eye circles to appear it might oversleep or lack of sleep it results in less flow of blood circulation to your skin tissues.

Overpressure to eyes:

Putting more pressure on your like watching TV or mobile screen or using a computer for a long time can stress your eyes that would create eye bags and under circles. Even it might work-study often give some break to your eyes.


Age is surely a reason for dark circles as having you ever seen a child with dark circles not unless it’s genetics. As getting older the fatty tissues reduce and skin becomes thinner that makes the skin lose elasticity in resulting dark circles.


There are many remedies available to get rid of dark circles under eyes without any medication or treatment we can use homemade remedies just naturally. The first one is sure to have the right amount of sleep have sound sleep peacefully.

  • A commonly known remedy is to apply cucumber slices on eyes to let them rest, we can also apply cucumber juice and massage our eyes.
  • Facials and massage help remove dead cells and refresh the skin around our eyes.
  • Make-up is not a readymade remedy but helps to cover dark circles until we recover from them over course of time.