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What are the major benefits of conditioner only washing (co-wash) your hair?

What is co-washing?

Co-washing means conditioner-only washing, it means you can forget your shampoo and can rely on conditioner fully for your hair wash. You may be a daily hair washer or a weekly washer it does not matter but it will surely help your hair smoothen and get silky. There are multiple benefits to use co-washing hair that will eventually reduce frizz to your hair or even nourishes dry hair. Like afro or curly hair with mixed-texture then you can rely on co-wash.

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Co-wash for curly hair: 

For a long time, people have ditched shampoo for a whole time and started to co-wash their hair. Specifically, for your wavy or curly hair to maintain tour wavy pattern without frizz in afro then co-wash will be fine. For smooth and curly hair this will do. 

Color-processed hair:

People who often color their hair to maintain healthy hair and scalps go with co-wash natural hair as hair maintenance is important even if there is no salon. Unlike normal salon visits the co-wash candidates can sustain without a salon for a longer-term. As we see people tend to color often to maintain the color for more days and get a sleeky look of their bright coloring.

Cleanse and hydrated scalp:

We can use co-wash in the same way as we do shampoo wash for our hair it not only cleanses the scalp but also keeps it hydrated. Many wonder how the scalp would be cleansed with co-wash but you can surely use conditioner like shampoo on the scalp and wash them. Unlike shampoo that dries your scalp and hair the conditioner will surely keep your scalp and roots of hair hydrated too.

Choose the right conditioner for you from multiple choices available and make sure to change them if it’s not your right one.