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What are the huge benefits of using coconut milk for your hair growth on a routine?

Coconut oil is a natural remedy for hair and it is a known fact by everyone but how many are aware of the fact that coconut milk works better too. Apart from having them in your food, there are amazing benefits of coconut milk for hair that would help you survive through hair problems. The natural reasons are it high in vitamins like B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, and vitamin c, most importantly it has a large amount of vitamin E which nourishes hair naturally and prevents damage.

Making coconut milk is not a hard task it can be naturally extracted from home but they are also available in supermarkets in packed forms. Just grating the coconut flesh and separating the milk from the flesh through clean clothing and coconut milk is ready.

hair growth

Hair growth

Coconut milk massage gives the best results for hair growth. Using warm coconut milk and massage your hair for 15 minutes, let it rest for an hour, and can wash it with your regular shampoo once every week will do better.

Take few spoons of coconut oil and mix it with half lemon and refrigerate this mixture for 4-6 hours apply it like a hair pack. Let the hair pack settle for 45 minutes and wash it with shampoo repeat it every week.

Adding honey and vitamin E oil with coconut milk will reduce hair loss.

Conditions hair:

Just like a conditioner works the coconut oil also acts as a conditioner and prevents the hair from frizz. It slowly conditions and smoothens hair. Mixing honey or olive oil with coconut milk and applying it as a hair pack gives better results.

We can use aloe vera gel or yogurt or curd with a coconut milk hair pack to reduce frizz and smoothen the hair from roots.

Prevent grey hair:

These days pre-mature grey hair is increasing among youngsters the coconut milk prevents hair from premature greying. As its vitamin B12 acts as an anti-aging agent not only for hair but also for the skin.

We can apply coconut milk once or twice a week as a DIY hair pack on your preference. But there are ways to apply coconut milk for hair it depends on preference. We can use warm coconut milk for hair growth massage or refrigerate and use the top layer of creamy texture like cream in the spa. Finally use fresh coconut milk then storing them in refrigerators.