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Do you know the difference between a bubble wand and a normal curling wand?

Hairstyles are really important when you are trying to get a new look or going for a makeover. We do hairstyles at home and curling is one of them, but on the curls does bubble wand curling iron does a better job than a regular curl wand. First of all, are you aware of what is a bubble wand?

bubble wand

What is a bubble wand?

Bubble wands are curling wands with training wheels which will be an easy way to get waves on your hair get done. Its ball barrel adds a unique touch to them so they heat up easily and makes getting curls done quickly. But unless you are an expert be careful to work if you don’t have long hair to fit in the balls of the wand.


How far is a regular curling wand different from a bubble wand curling iron let us have a closer look at them? One of the finest benefits of using a bubble wand would be that you can get your waves and curls faster than a regular wand. If you are getting late or even a lazy person then getting your hair done hereafter will be an easy task for you.

From a regular wand bubble wand means to have some round bumps that are called training wheels which makes it easier for a beginner to handle them but for a regular wand practice is important.

Bubble wand goes better with long hair because of their styled structure but regular wands are easy going with any hair.

Even if you are not an expert with bubble wand getting beach waves is not a high-end task.

Both wands are good to make out perfect waves and curly hairstyles in bubble wand is faster but limited style option but in regular wand even though it takes time options for style are multiple.